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From zero to coder.

We started with little to no coding experience and after 9 weeks, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday (and a few Saturdays), we've written thousands of lines of code.


We mastered the structural markup and visual language of web development in the first week.


We learned how to transform our sites dynamically with the good, the bad, and the ugly of Javascript.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails enabled us to build web applications using our full-stack knowledge and our heads full of ideas.

Comp Sci

We learned data structure fundamentals and algorthim processes that build a strong foundation for web dev.


Meet the stars.

They say software is only as smart as the programmer. We agree.

Creative Rationale

Adrian Bautista

Adrian Bautista is a recent Georgetown graduate who decided to reinvest some of the money and time he saved from graduating a year early to learn the ways of full-stack web development. Adrian is sometimes called the "Michael Bay of JavaScript" by his classmates. He is still debating the title's merit... hence the seriousness of his photo.

The Former Film And Fashion Guy

Tim LaTorre

Tim comes to coding via traditional graphic design, mostly in the apparel and entertainment industries. Before landing at GA's WDI program, he was a founding member of, a daily news service for independent film, designer at Nautica, and freelancer, which included recently managing the transmedia marketing campaign for Showtime Network's DEXTER. Originally from Northern California, he now lives in Hoboken, NJ and is an avid Arsenal FC supporter.

Head Janitor

Audric Kim

Audric has always been brought in to "clean things up" to his standards from functional product documents to dirty kitchens. He is currently learning the better side of life--clean, beautiful lines of code. Mess with him and he may eat your village.

Lady Zahra / ZJab

Zahra Jabini

Zahra is a Cornell graduate. She has a Masters in Civil Engineering and Bachelors in Architecture. She ♥'s Ruby, loves living life in the ☁, is an Artist, Designer, Skier, Education Junkie, part time Architect & full time Coffee Connoisseur. And now a Front End + Rails Developer.

The Music Marketing Dude

Marc Whitman

For the better half of a decade, Marc has been thriving in the unique spaces where web technologies and the music industry meet. He was a client manager for artist websites at Musictoday and Live Nation, the Marketing Operations Manager at eMusic, and Director of Sales and Business Development at Hear & There, a specialized ad network for music and concert promoter clients. When he's not learning to code like a rock star, he's going to shows, blogging for, playing guitar, or concocting some new recipe in the kitchen at home.

Scaffold Coder

Raymond Chan

Raymond has worked in both Finance and Digital Marketing, where he developed a great affection for Excel 2003 and disgust for 2007. Shocked that he was even a functional member of society before the 5 new languages that he has now acquired, he is always looking for the next gem 'something-awesome.'

Bill Cosby Sweater

Hsi-Chang Lin

Hsi-Chang has travelled the world in the back of a tour van, spoken to America through national public radio airwaves and now spends his time translating ideas into code.


Dustin Coates

Dustin codes full-stack. He carries dog-eared copies of The Good Parts and The Definitive Guide and is working his way one-by-one through The RailsCasts. Has years of experience consulting companies on SEO and analytics implementations and strategies.

The Jon Ku / Jbananas

Jonathan Ku

Jon was born and raised around Boston MA. He has also lived on the west coast and Asia, but moved to NY to start his career after graduating from college. After about a year working in consulting he made the jump to become a web developer. Now versed in both front end and back end technologies, Jon is ready to take it to the next level. Jon also loves to dance.

The Dream Chaser

Derrick Lannaman

Before entering the coding arena, Derrick was a two-time, small-business entrepreneur who once practiced Brazilian Jujitsu with a UFC world champion.

Rabble Rouser

Larry Buchanan

Larry Buchanan is a freelance illustrator, designer, journalist and aspiring coder. His clients include Nike, ESPN, Facebook and The Onion. He used to live in a log cabin and once got paid to draw a beaver dam full of dead bodies.


Jasmine Chabra

Jasmine has years of experience in various areas of marketing (digital, design, event, social media, etc.). Currently, she is exploring the world of web development. During her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and her dog, Dino.

Kind Bru

Aaron Fuchs

to be decided...

Aaron is a South African techie.

Fancy Lunch

Chris Goodmacher

Chris is a former hedge fund analyst who co-wrote an Amazon best-selling book and co-founded a site that helps 10,000+ students a month transfer colleges. He's most proud, however, of his meals.


Gaurav Karnani

to be decided...

Gaurav has spent the last 8 years traveling the globe manufacturing apparel and accessories for a wide variety of American department stores and specialty retailers. Gaurav brings his keen design aesthetic to coding, and you can now find him traveling the interwebs. If he's not abroad or in the depths of some code, you can often find him hiking the peaks of the Northeast.

Up For Discussion

Avinash Karnani

Avi is passionate about projects that help improve consumers' decision making. He's interested in building companies whose products drive satisfaction and delight while building great teams and businesses. You can find him at the nearest whiteboard though his first love if graph paper.


Thomas Yang

Thomas didn't want to go to college, but his mom wanted him to go. So he graduated summa cum laude from Baruch College with a BBA in Accounting. Then he thought the food scene in New York sucks, so he opened a Zagat rated food truck. Then he opened two more. He got bored, so he learned how to program.

After Class

Where we are now.

Here are some of the places where we are applying our web development, product management, and design skills:


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